Discover our range of remote business monitoring services

We understand, it's difficult to run a business remotely and you're worried about the safety of your property and staff when you're not there!

We've put together a number of solutions to highlight how we can help our customers during this lockdown

Control and monitor your alarm through our mobile app

  • Set and unset your alarm system through the mobile application.
  • Receive alerts when staff unlock and lock the building
  • Add/Remove Users of the alarm system
  • Enable and Disable Detectors and Areas of the System

Talk to us about how we can add the mobile application to your alarm system.

Remote Alarm App
Tether Mobile App-1

Control and monitor your CCTV from anywhere in the world

  • Get notifications when movement is detected on your cameras
  • View all your CCTV cameras from any device
  • Get notified if any of your cameras go offline
  • Get notified if your internet goes down or something goes wrong with your IT network

Talk to us about how we can have your cameras monitored by your smartphone.

Don't put your staff and business at risk, have our team unlock and lock up your business each day

  • We hold the keys to make sure your business is securely locked every night
  • Respond to alarm activations so you and your staff don't put yourselves in danger
  • Regularly drive past to check up on your business whilst it's closed

Talk to us about how our keyholding service can help your business during lockdown and beyond.

Keyholding Service
Video Conferencing

Video conferencing solution for remote meetings

  • Quickly and Easily join Zoom or Teams meetings without a laptop or PC
  • Talk and interact with remote workers as if they are in the room
  • Manage room bookings
  • Provide private space for team collaboration with remote workforce

Talk to us about how our video conferencing systems can help your business during lockdown and beyond.

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