Detect if an individual is wearing a face mask 

With face masks being made compulsory in a wide range of scenarios our technology can help ensure these regulations are being abided by. Our mask detection solution is suitable in wide range of scenarios where face masks are compulsory, or even just recommended, providing a simple way to monitor the situation and to remind people of the rules.

How does the solution work?

The solution works by using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to recognise if an individual is wearing a mask or not. If it detects that you are not wearing a mask an audio alert is triggered reminding the individual to wear one. This data can then be stored should you have to prove or check if an individual was wearing a mask when they entered your premises. Watch the video to see our solution in action!

Facemask video



  • Gives an audio output to the individual and reminds them to wear a mask. Not only does this remind the individual of their responsibility but it also helps reduce confrontation between people and staff as it is not the member of staff who is having to ask someone to wear a mask but rather an automated system.
  • The system alerts relevant members of staff if someone is not wearing a mask, immediately allowing them to resolve the situation.
  • It’s more cost effective than paying a member of staff to monitor the situation.

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